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Written by admin on August 23, 2021

Revealing all the Secrets – Your Guide to CBG Flowers

Our world is made up of countless things, so knowing thoroughly about at least part of them requires effort. It is good to know that the world is also full of experts of some sort, and they boldly share their knowledge with others.

We call ourselves the experts of CBG flowers and buds, but you could understand that just by looking at the title of this blog post. It’s a shame, but in most cases, that’s where some people knowledge about CBD flowers ends, so we’ll talk about everything from the beginning. Loud and clear. To leave no tables unturned.

CBG Flowers – WHAT?

CBG flower is a dried and cured hemp flower specifically bred to show high CBG and low THC levels. Even though it is popular to think that cannabis is meant just for recreational use, CBG flowers are the complete opposite. Containing less than 0,2% THC, plants we use to present you with our products are specially bred by experienced growers with utterly different cannabinoids dominating the spectre.

CBG is also called the mother of all cannabinoids and is extracted from the naturally grown hemp plant. However, this cannabinoid must be cultivated when the plant is still young, as the amount of CBG decreases as it grows. The small cultivation window before cannabigerolic acid (CBGa) had turned into other cannabinoids raised the price of CBG products. Still, the quality and one a kind benefits are worth the price.

Each hemp plant is rich in not only various cannabinoids but also terpenes. Terpenes hide in the plant’s essential oils and are responsible for the unique flavour and aroma of the plant. Depending on what result you may expect, you are free to choose CBG flowers naturally filled with certain aromas and help your body discover balance.

CBG Flowers – WHEN & WHERE?

When CBD and CBG Oil broke all sales records a few years back, the demand for legal CBG flowers has now increased dramatically. Hemp growers worldwide aim to catch up with this trend and offer the market CBG flowers with the highest possible quality and the highest percentage of CBG cannabinoid. However, you should not rush and buy whatever is sponsored on social media to get the maximum benefit. Before making a purchase, take a better look at the certificates of CBG flowers and buds’ sellers. Rely on the official data from independent laboratories and not the advertisements.

CBG Flowers – HOW?

Consumption of CBG flowers has recently become one of the most popular ways to experience the benefits of CBG. This is not surprising – after all, all people naturally choose products from which they can benefit the most. There are several different ways to use CBG flowers, so everyone is welcomed to choose their favourite.

As with CBD, CBG flowers can be used to make your own extracts and edible products. In this way, cannabinoids enter your digestive tract and are then absorbed by receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Let’s face the truth – this isn’t our favourite way to consume CBG flowers. It takes time to make the products ourselves, and oral administration does not guarantee such quick effects.

There are many ways to experience the benefits of CBG, yet it depends on the person's exact needs and preferences. When smoking CBG flowers, cannabinoids are inhaled and enter our lungs, from where they are absorbed and carried through the bloodstream to our body’s endocannabinoid system and its receptors. This way, it’s easy for everyone to create their own little pleasant ritual of smoking CBG flowers.

There are even a few different ways to smoke CBG flowers. Firstly, you can roll a joint or often buy already made pre-rolls. Secondly, you can smoke CBG flowers using a pipe or bongo. Thirdly, in terms of a modern way of smoking CBG flowers, you may use dry herb vaporizers, often prescribed by doctors to help people with severe health issues.

However, there are a few things to know before smoking CBG flowers. To achieve the best possible effect from the use of the product, they need to be stored in an airtight container, kept away from direct sunlight and moisture. For this reason, our products come to you safely in dark glass jars – check them out! Also, you may not be afraid and self-mix CBG with THC – this will enhance the desired entourage effect while reducing the high sensation. The entourage effect itself is obtained through the consumption of products rich in naturally occurring and plant-derived cannabinoids spectre. The synergy that can be achieved is incomparable!

You can read more about these topics in our other posts.

CBG Flowers – WHY?

We have already told you about what CBG flowers and buds are, how they are grown, extracted, inspected, and how exactly they should be used. However, one thing, the most important, in our opinion, has yet to be discussed – why do we advise smoking CBG flowers at all? Like other cannabinoids naturally present in the hemp plant, CBG positively affects the one using it.

Although the benefits of using hemp and its biological components have long been discussed, research to determine the exact health benefits of cannabinoids is still ongoing and in full swing. Nevertheless, we can all agree that smoking CBG flowers help to:

  • suppress inflammation;
  • alleviate seizure;
  • suppress migraines;
  • reduce nausea;
  • ease various pain, including muscles cramps;
  • increase sleep quality.

The hemp plant and the use of cannabinoids are still often shrouded in various myths, but the facts speak for themselves. Regularly smoking CBG flowers help not only to feel better emotionally but also physically. In many parts of the world, physicians prescribe their patients CBG flowers when they are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s disease, suffer from depression or anxiety, are cancer patients and go through chemotherapy.

Unlike THC, smoking CBG flowers should not be associated with an opposing side of the cannabis culture. Smoking CBG flowers does not cause the effects associated with THC, such as dry mouth, slower reaction, red eyes, loss of coordination, and increased hunger.

Hemp is a very versatile and valuable plant in many areas, but its benefits for human health should not be doubted. To improve your well-being and help your own body quickly get rid of specific health problems. Smoking CBG flowers is often the only decision you should not hesitate to make!

If you are not yet convinced of the benefits of smoking CBG flowers, read more about it in our soon-to-be-posted blog posts! See you soon!

Article written by admin

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